Through data access, information discovery, automated reporting, and empowered decisioning Health Care Data Partners delivers sophisticated clinical analysis capabilities focused on health and wellness that enables healthcare performance management of employer health plans.

As your trusted Healthcare Performance Management partner we:

  • Work behind the scenes breaking down data silos to integrate all of your benefits related data into a single secure data warehouse.

  • Create the building blocks for highly customized and actionable report solutions that meet each customer’s individual analysis and forecast requirements.

  • Assist with building customized report and analytics solutions tailored to your unique needs.

  • Provide convenient access to your (branded) reports using our secure online portal.

  • Review your analyses with our medical director to gain clinical insight.

Client Solutions


HCDP helps you control costs by providing the actionable insights that allow you to make informed health care benefits decisions.


HCDP enables third party administrators with sophisticated data integration, analysis and reporting solutions making them their clients’ “go to” source for benefits program performance and analysis.


HCDP works behind the scenes to integrate your clients’ benefits data and deliver the Actionable information and clinical expertise you need to help your clients succeed.


HCDP enables you to provide your customers the data they need to invest in your products and services with confidence.


Methodology & Framework The bridge to ROI for health and wellness investments The HCDP proprietary Impactables® framework of algorithms and methodologies bridges the gap between the complexity of clinical analytics and the need for meaningful information to identify opportunities for, and maximizing ROI from, health and wellness investments.

FEATURES: Applies to a broad data set, focuses on conditions and risk factors in which the literature suggests that modified behavior can lower costs and improve productivity, provides the building blocks for highly customized and actionable report solutions, provides the roadmap for investment in health and productivity, measures changes in targeted behavior, indicators for clinical improvement, high cost utilization trends, savings and ROI, Identifies opportunities to impact cost, slow progression towards complications, and promote prevention


HPMaccess™ Configurable Portal

Convenient, secure, online access, anywhere, anytimeHCDP provides users with web-based, easy-to-use, access of reports and analytics functionality.

FEATURES: Multiple levels of security, Single-click running of reports

HPMdiscover™ Actionable Business Intelligence

Robust data mining and in-depth analyticsHCDP provides you with the tools you need to identify and analyze your data – making information meaningful and useful in controlling health care costs and quality.

FEATURES: Data Summary, Customize and Save of Views and Filters, Drill Dow

HPMreport™ Comprehensive Standard Report Set

Preconfigured, formatted, and printableHCDP provides you with the high-value reports you need to identify trends and investigate underlying cost contributors.

FEATURES: Automated report generation at the touch of a key

HPMempower™ Custom Reports

Flexible, fully customized, automated reportingWe understand that every HCDP client is unique so we offer the flexibility of customized reports of the information that you need to succeed. Why pay for an expensive one-size-fits-all product when you can have a custom data analysis and report solution tailored to your unique requirements. The information you need, presented the way you want, branded or unbranded, online or in print. Fast, efficient, and downloadable to Excel, PDF, and more, for total control.

FEATURES: Health plan costs and trends, clinical profile and cost analyses, prescription and specialty drug analyses vendor audits and return on investment validation, “What if”, Integrated analysis of wellness data, medical claims, drug claims, disability, workers compensation and more

HPMpulse™ Trend Analyzer

Flexible and powerful trend analysisMeasurement is the key to any successful healthcare cost reduction strategy. You set your short-term and long-term goals and we'll provide you with tools to monitor trends in your key performance indicators.

FEATURES: Clinical and financial trend analyses, isolate trends for sub-population segments, build flexible timelines, apply industry standard adjustments.

Data Warehouse

Better decisions require better dataHCDP imports, cleanses, and stores data from virtually any source and format into a single, integrated, secure, database. Without a central integrated data source it can be extremely difficult to draw meaningful insight and hence take effective action.

Professional Service

Expert resources when you need themHCDP is your trusted partner for the analytics and clinical consulting you need for Healthcare Performance Management and confident investment in health and productivity initiatives. Whether you need to understand clinical cost drivers or evaluate vendor performance, our experienced professionals will architect a data analytics and report solution to meet your business objective. Our case audits include case review and assessment by a physician with the supported of detailed claims reports. We assess utilization, case and/or disease case management program performance and provide constructive recommendations for program improvement. Large or small, we support your clinical needs with an experienced physician advocate. HCDP has the expertise to help you with all components of a publishable study — study design, data integration and processing, complex clinic analysis, statistical analysis, and conclusions and findings documentation. We have extensive experience working on behalf of employers and health plans as well as the vendors that serve them.

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