A comprehensive report solution to
maximize ROI on health and wellness.



Unlock the story within your data. Clinical insights, discovery modules and predictive technologies help you understand future costs, the trends that lead there and opportunities for impact. Discover new dimensions of your data with flexible and sophisticated segmentation tools.


Identify populations with the highest probability to benefit from health and wellness investments. Maximize ROI on each encounter with actionable insights at the point of care. Optimize performance with a flexible, automated platform customized to reach your health and wellness objectives.


Measure engagement, behavior change, clinical improvement, reduction in expensive utilization and avoided costs using trend and forecasting technologies. Assure these metrics align towards a plausible performance story to validate ROI on your health and wellness investments.

Impactables® Service

Performance Management Modules

The bridge to ROI for health and wellness investments

HCDP Impactables® framework of algorithms, methodologies and predictive analytics bridges the gap between the complexity of clinical analytics and the need for meaningful information to identify opportunities for, and maximize ROI from, health and wellness investments. The Impactables® framework provides modular strategies designed to help you prioritize investments, maximize impact and measure results.


Solution Providers & Clinics

Leverage data to grow your business. Retain and expand customers with program outcomes validated with data. Build your value story with data-driven case studies and book of business analysis. Deliver better care with actionable insights at the point of care. Proactively improve performance with flexible dashboards that predict future costs and keep you on track for success.


Maximize your value to customers. Build data driven strategies and maximize the ROI on health and wellness investments. Understand future costs and what costs are impacted under the Impactables® framework. Measure plan performance and hold vendors accountable.


Transform data into an asset. Improve health plan performance and maximize the ROI on health and wellness investments. Understand future costs and what costs can be targeted for reduction under the Impactables® framework. Build data driven strategies, measure performance and hold your vendors accountable.


Grow your business by providing customers with a powerful data analytics platform. Identify opportunities for add-on products. Help customers improve plan performance and maximize ROI on health and wellness investments. Build a powerful value story with data driven case studies and book of business analysis.



Performance Management Platform

Convenient, secure, online access, anywhere, anytime

Web-based, easy-to-use, access of insights, dashboards, reports and analytics functionality. Flexible, fully customized, automated performance management. DIY insights with HCDP experts always ready to help.


Actionable Business Intelligence

Dashboards, data mining and in-depth analytics

All the tools you need to identify and analyze your data – making information meaningful and useful in controlling health care costs and quality. Custom dashboards to manage performance with drilldown to quickly investigate trends.


Performance Measurement

Powerful tools to validate investments

Measurement is the key to any successful health care cost reduction strategy. You set your short-term and long-term goals and we'll provide you with tools to monitor your key performance indicators.


Actionable Insight at the Point of Care

Information clinicians need to impact health

Maximize every encounter with members in need. HCDP platform delivers actionable information to clinicians at the point of care.

Impactables® Service

Performance Modules

Roadmap to ROI for health and wellness

Modular strategies identify opportunities for impact, prioritize, execute and measure results.

Data Aggregation

HCDP imports, integrates and stores medical claims, drug claims and data from virtually any source and format.

Professional Services

HCDP is your trusted partner for the analytics and clinical consulting you need for Healthcare Performance Management.


Since 2010, Healthcare Data Partners has been helping employers, consultants, solution providers and TPAs build winning strategies, execute their strategies and measure the impact of health and wellness investment.

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